Design Crime - sticker sheet
Design Crime - sticker sheet
Design Crime - sticker sheet
Design Crime - sticker sheet
Design Crime - sticker sheet

Design Crime - sticker sheet

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So I’ve designed a sticker sheet:

  • The idea is that you can stick these onto designs against humanity in a public space near you.
  • Each sheet has 5 stickers in different sizes (sheet size 15 x 10.5 cm)
  • These stickers are made from a special vinyl that can be removed without leaving a mark. 
  • After you place your sticker on a Design Crime take a photo on your phone, post it on instagram and use the hashtag #HostileDesign
  • We will add your photos to the online database of Hostile Design (design crime gallery) so we start to collect a worldwide snapshot of the situation.
  • I think by naming and shaming, and raising awareness like this we can start to shut down this evil practice. 

Thank you for your amazing support!!!

Stuart xx 


I’ve bought a heap of sticker sheets, and I’ve made them available for free, for those that can’t afford stickers. There’s not an endless amount of those so please only choose them if you honestly can’t afford to cover the printing costs.

Otherwise the sheets are £1 each.

You can if you are feeling generous pay £2 for your sheet which will mean we can make more sheets available for others. 


We are set up to disseminate these worldwide, but sadly you will have to pay the postage. 

UK should be with you within a couple days, rest of the world 5-10 days. 

Thanks so much for all your help and I’m super optimistic that together we can change this!

*Important disclaimer: I’m not endorsing any kind of vandalism or public damage. Check the laws in your area, if you are worried, apply the sticker, take your photo and then remove the sticker.